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Suggestions For Topics

Hello readers! I figure there aren’t that many people who frequent this site at this point – I’ve had some major changes in my personal life that have limited my free time.  But I still want to work on creating...

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Tips For Beginning Residency

Happy early July!  For those who just started residency, congratulations!  Hopefully the first few days of residency have been a smooth transition. First of all, apologies for the brief hiatus – these past couple of weeks...

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Another Approach To OKAP Study

When I started looking on Google for helpful guides for OKAP or board exam study, a thread on was listed towards the top. In the thread, the original poster presented a very thorough and detailed plan of attack...

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OKAPs Reading Schedule

There’s a lot of material to read in preparation for the OKAP.  It’s probably even more daunting as a first-year resident, when everything is completely new and unfamiliar. Well, the American Academy of Ophthalmology...

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