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The Orbit: Orbital Roof

The orbital roof separates the orbit from the anterior cranial fossa, which houses the frontal lobes of the brain.  There are several structures and features regarding the orbital roof that we need to remember.  While this...

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Orbital Bones

There are 7 bones that comprise the orbit.  It is our job as ophthalmologists to be able to readily identify these bones and know pretty much every bump, notch, hole, and contour of these bones and what structures pass through,...

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Orbital Dimensions

When learning about orbital anatomy, the dimensions are one of the many aspects you need to know extremely well.  As you’ve probably seen in many texts, stats about the volume, height, width, and depth are almost always...

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Rapid Questions: Orbital Anatomy

When studying ophthalmology, it can be hard to know exactly what to spend time memorizing and what to ignore.  When I asked my senior residents for advice when studying, they provided the very unhelpful advice:  “learn...

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