Reading Schedules


Basic and Clinical Science Course (BCSC) Reading Schedule

Are your BCSC books sitting on the shelf collecting dust? Do you sleep with the BCSC Neuro-Ophthalmology book as a pillow in hopes that you'll learn by diffusion but end up with drool stains on the cover?

Given enough discipline and time, it's very possible to read through the entire BCSC series (minus General Medicine) in about 30 weeks - plenty of time to get through all of the essential material before the OKAP or Written Qualifying Exam if you start on July 1, and still have a few weeks to spare for holidays and review. If you're looking for a guide to get started, this may be a launching point to focus your reading!

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Written Qualifying Exam (WQE) Reading Schedule

Are you preparing to take the Written Qualifying Exam and don't really know where to start studying?

This reading schedule, which is somewhat similar to the BCSC reading schedule, focuses on covering the topics specifically addressed on the WQE - no fundamentals, no general medicine, no frills. I've included references to other major textbooks (Kanski, Yanoff, etc.) so that you can use whatever sources you have available to you as part of your review.


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Oral Board Exam (OBE) Reading Schedule

Are you studying for the oral board exam and are trying to figure out what to study and how to study it?

Because the oral board exam is so different in scope and format compared to the OKAP and WQE, I believe that the approach to study needs to be different. This reading schedule gives one method of navigating through the nebulous waters of preparing for the oral board exam, with extra time built in for reviews and practices.