Another Approach To OKAP Study

When I started looking on Google for helpful guides for OKAP or board exam study, a thread on was listed towards the top.

In the thread, the original poster presented a very thorough and detailed plan of attack for studying ophthalmology in his (I apologize, I'm assuming that the user is a "he" due to the username) first year of residency (PGY-2), including a specific reading schedule, reviews of textbooks and question banks, with links to different articles for additional reading.  In some ways, it sounds eerily like what I'm trying to put together on this site.

Given that this individual organized this information a year before he started, I have to commend this person for creating a very useful and thorough plan for study.  I wish him the very best success and hope that he is able to sustain that level of discipline throughout his career (by the timestamps, he should be finishing up his 2nd year of ophthalmology residency now).

While I hope that this website will be helpful in giving tips and links to resources to help my fellow and future colleagues learn ophthalmology better, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the efforts of others doing similar things.

So if you want to read about a slightly different strategy for studying, you should definitely read that original post!  And hopefully not get too discouraged.  Keep in mind that while doing well on the OKAPs and board exams requires hard work, the ultimate goal for all of this study ought to be so that we become excellent clinicians and surgeons.

Do you have suggestions for studying?  Are there any other resources that may be useful?  Leave a comment or contact us!