Neuro-Ophthalmology Lectures by Dr. Andrew Lee

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Lee is a highly-accomplished and distinguished neuro-ophthalmologist. He is well-regarded as one of the leading neuro-ophthalmologists in the world, and is also a fantastic educator and lecturer. He has a YouTube channel that I highly encourage everyone to watch, as he distills complex neuro-ophthalmologic concepts into digestible 3-5 minute talks. Some of the videos don’t have great audio, and he keeps things pretty low-tech (the videos are filmed on a cell phone while he draws on a whiteboard), but the information he provides is all high-yield and high-quality - and best of all, free.

I had the privilege of hearing him give a series of neuro-ophthalmology reviews for an OKAP/board review course I took during residency, which significantly helped me understand neuro-ophthalmology in my studies. I think this channel is yet another incredible way he is giving back and providing practical and useful knowledge about neuro-ophthalmology. You’ll probably see me link to his videos where applicable when I’m writing about neuro-ophthalmology. Check it out!


I’m working on some review courses that may be helpful in your studies! One of the things I think is critical for learning and reviewing ophthalmology is having ample amounts of images that can help solidify your pattern-recognition, since ophthalmology is a very visually-oriented specialty (no pun intended).

So as part of my work on creating the course, I am curating as many freely-available images as I can find. While some are completely free to use, other images are free to use for educational purposes (via Creative Commons licenses and the like).

You can find the images here. While it’s not meant to become an atlas like some other great sites out there, hopefully it can serve as yet another resource for finding high-quality images for various diseases you’re trying to look up.

It’s been a very slow process, but I plan to add more links and images as I go. If there’s a topic you’d like me to focus on, let me know in the comments section or contact me!

Ophthalmology Basics Study Guide

I just released a new study guide for the "basics" of ophthalmology (anatomy, embryology, pharmacology, and principles of pathology) as part of my plan to format and release my notes from residency. It's been a slow process, but depending on the feedback and response I'll work on releasing study guides for other subjects within Ophthalmology!

Last Minute OKAP Review

One of the things I want to do on this site is to provide more finished "products" for you, in addition to the subject/literature reviews, test preparation and study ideas, and book reviews.  These will hopefully include charts, outlines, and other media that will help augment your studies.  I am working on several book-length projects for the site as well, including a mnemonics-style cheat book and a "textbook" of ophthalmology, with the goal of bridging the gap between the traditional high-academic works of the highly reputable textbooks and shorter-length review books.  Since those books are going to take me a considerable time to write and prepare (probably several years at the rate I'm going now), I plan to publish those for sale.  However, I still want to make the bulk of the content free, so the articles won't be hidden behind a paywall.

Article Review: 5 Resources To Get Ready For The 2016 OKAPs

I received this link in my AAO e-mail blast the other day:  5 Resources to Get Ready for the 2016 OKAPs.

It lists some important dates to know for the OKAP and provides links to several helpful resources for people who are trying to get more information about the OKAP and how to prepare for the exam, which is coming up in about a month and a half.

For those people who are wanting to get some nuts and bolts info about dates, test day FAQs, etc., you should definitely check out this article!  I will eventually have some more specific-type information about my experiences taking the OKAP during residency, but in order to keep writing as many review articles as I can before the OKAP and written board exam, I may have to put that on the slate for the next academic year.

Article Review: Top Resources For OKAP And Board Review

Dr. James G. Chelnis contributed an article to the American Academy of Ophthalmology listing 9 very useful resources for OKAP and board exam review.  His article can be found here (this may be member-only content).

I don't have any critiques of the resources he lists; from what I can tell, there is no specific order to his recommendations.  If you used all 9 resources, I suspect you would do very well.

Out of that list, I personally used the following resources when I studied for the OKAP and board exams:

Another Approach To OKAP Study

When I started looking on Google for helpful guides for OKAP or board exam study, a thread on was listed towards the top.

In the thread, the original poster presented a very thorough and detailed plan of attack for studying ophthalmology in his (I apologize, I'm assuming that the user is a "he" due to the username) first year of residency (PGY-2), including a specific reading schedule, reviews of textbooks and question banks, with links to different articles for additional reading.  In some ways, it sounds eerily like what I'm trying to put together on this site.