Article Review: Top Resources For OKAP And Board Review

Dr. James G. Chelnis contributed an article to the American Academy of Ophthalmology listing 9 very useful resources for OKAP and board exam review.  His article can be found here (this may be member-only content).

I don't have any critiques of the resources he lists; from what I can tell, there is no specific order to his recommendations.  If you used all 9 resources, I suspect you would do very well.

Out of that list, I personally used the following resources when I studied for the OKAP and board exams:

As I continue to build up resources on this site, I hope to find more articles and ideas that detail other people's perspectives on preparing for these exams and your clinical practice.

What resources have worked for you?  Are there any tools that were left off this list?  Leave a comment or contact us!