Article Review: 5 Resources To Get Ready For The 2016 OKAPs

I received this link in my AAO e-mail blast the other day:  5 Resources to Get Ready for the 2016 OKAPs.

It lists some important dates to know for the OKAP and provides links to several helpful resources for people who are trying to get more information about the OKAP and how to prepare for the exam, which is coming up in about a month and a half.

For those people who are wanting to get some nuts and bolts info about dates, test day FAQs, etc., you should definitely check out this article!  I will eventually have some more specific-type information about my experiences taking the OKAP during residency, but in order to keep writing as many review articles as I can before the OKAP and written board exam, I may have to put that on the slate for the next academic year.