Neuro-Ophthalmology Lectures by Dr. Andrew Lee

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Lee is a highly-accomplished and distinguished neuro-ophthalmologist. He is well-regarded as one of the leading neuro-ophthalmologists in the world, and is also a fantastic educator and lecturer. He has a YouTube channel that I highly encourage everyone to watch, as he distills complex neuro-ophthalmologic concepts into digestible 3-5 minute talks. Some of the videos don’t have great audio, and he keeps things pretty low-tech (the videos are filmed on a cell phone while he draws on a whiteboard), but the information he provides is all high-yield and high-quality - and best of all, free.

I had the privilege of hearing him give a series of neuro-ophthalmology reviews for an OKAP/board review course I took during residency, which significantly helped me understand neuro-ophthalmology in my studies. I think this channel is yet another incredible way he is giving back and providing practical and useful knowledge about neuro-ophthalmology. You’ll probably see me link to his videos where applicable when I’m writing about neuro-ophthalmology. Check it out!